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Bethany Ministries is a spiritually diverse community, based in Middleburgh, New York. Included in this community of households are lay people and religious leaders of various religious traditions and spiritualities. They work with each other and with Friar Peter Chepaitis, OFM and Sister Anna Tantsits, IHM.

The stories of Jesus in relationship with Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany, as mirrored in the lives of Clare and Francis of Assisi, provide the inspiration for the existence and activities of Bethany Ministries

The Beginning

Bethany Ministries began, in 1995, when Fr. Peter moved to Middleburgh, New York, a community about an hour southwest of Albany. In collaboration with others, equally dedicated, Fr. Peter and Sr. Anna saw their vision grow to one that integrated the ministries of prayer, proclamation and hospitality.

Fr. Peter Chepaitis          Sister Anna Tantsits

The history of Bethany Ministries' growth, from a seed to a fruit-bearing web of relationships, is warmly and honestly documented in the Ministries' annual newsletters.

Ecumenical Partnership

The Prayer House Community of Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania provides a spiritual support system and a structure of accountability for Bethany Ministries. This unique ecumenical partnership was established at the request of Peter's Friar Community of Holy Name Province.

Serving the People of God from Canada to Mississippi

The ministry of Proclamation, led by Fr. Peter and Sr. Anna, is called "The Franciscan Ministry of the Word at Bethany Ministries."

They lead retreats, parish missions, days of renewal; workshops and presentations in various parishes, congregations and retreat centers. They work with adults, college students, youth groups, children and intergenerational groups, both in Catholic and ecumenical settings.