The citizens' not-for-profit advocacy group for the Gilboa Dam and Schoharie Reservoir


Dam Concerned Citizens, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone regardless of browsing device.
This section describes the accessibility features and usability techniques for this web site. If you have any problems viewing this website, questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Webpage Layout

Dam Concerned Citizens, Inc website was coded using valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup language. The fluid layout used makes this website viewable on a varitey of browsing devices. Including; laptops, desktops, tablets, iPads, mobile phones, ect. The webpages were throughly tested using Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool, The Responsinator, Adobe BrowserLab and other testing programs and services.

Webpage Style

Dam Concerned Citizens, Inc website was styled using valid CSS3 markup code. This allows you to select alternate page styles in your browser. Most browsers allow users to change the page style settings. If your not sure how to do this, check your browsers help file.

Web Site Font Size

This web site was designed using font sizes of 0.8em ( body ) and % ( all other styles ). These settings allows visitors to increase or decrease a browsers default font size for each page of this website.

Menu ( Skip to Navigation )

Each page of this website includes a Menu button or "Skip to Navigation" link in the top right corner. This link enables you to skip over the page content to the navigation menu below. This feature is best used with screen readers, handheld or mobile devices or if Page Style or Stylesheet is disabled in your browser.

Tab Key Navigation

You can use the [Tab] key on your keyboard to navigate around the links of a web page. Using tab keys you can cycle through links on a page from top to bottom. Once you reach the link you want to visit, select the [enter] key to access that page. To jump back a link hold down the [Shift] key and press the [Tab] key. This feature allows you to jump back through the links going up the page instead of down.