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Hydrographs for Gilboa Dam water levels

This "Live" hydrograph courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service shows the Schoharie Creek at Gilboa Dam water level changes over time. Forecast hydrographs will be displayed when flooding is expected. The Flood Categories (in feet) are based on NYCDEP spillway curve with notch.

You can also use the Water Flow Data page to monitor flooding potential or follow the 5 Easy Steps to Flood Water Information.

Schoharie Creek at Gilboa Dam Hydrograph

This hydrograph courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey shows the "Lake or reservoir water surface elevation" for Schoharie Reservoir near Grand Gorge, NY.

Lake or reservoir water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, feet, Radar Sensor

USGS Water-data graph for site 01350100

Flood Categories ( in feet )

Major Flood Stage:
Moderate Flood Stage:
Flood Stage:
Action Stage: