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FERC's Order to NYPA on Establishing a BOC to Review NYPA's PMF and PMP

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Scientists and Engineers Team Up to Redraw US Flood Maps

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Living With Dams: Know Your Risks

Living With Dams: Know Your Risks is a booklet by FEMA "provides a general overview of dams and dam safety, and answers the following questions: Why should I care about dams? What are the risks associated with dams? Could I be affected by a dam? What is the dam failure flood inundation area? Once I determine that my property is in a dambreak inundation area, what's next?"

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Overtopping Protection for Dams

According to FEMA "Dam failure from overtopping can lead to a potential for loss of life and significant downstream damages. Thus, new design approaches have been developed that may allow for the dam to be safely overtopped." This manual provides "relevant information regarding the design, construction, and performance of overtopping protection alternatives for embankment and concrete dams."

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Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety

Get the latest recommendations on how new dam spillways can be designed, and existing older ones modified, to safely pass major flood events.
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