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Green Sneaker
Dennis D'Asaro

       C                 Am            G                 C
On St. Patrick's Day, sure I leapt out of bed
                C                 Am               G
Green socks on me feet, a green hat on me head

            C                                               F                    C  
Walked down to the Green Man, where who should appear
     C                       Am          G                    C
But hordes of green Irishmen drinkin' green beer


There was Seamus O'Shea in a shirt of chartreuse
And Missus O'Shea havin' creme de menthe mousse
Plates of asparagus was et with good cheer
But greenest of all was the tankards of beer

Then in walked a man with a cap and a beard
He asked for a chair and we all volunteered
He says, "I'll have lunch!  And to wash down me bread,
A pint of the only thing Irish that's red!"


C            F      G           C
      C                  Am      F                G     
The bubbles rise up to a fine, lovely head
     C                                                               F
On St. Patrick's Day don't drink green beer, instead
         C           Am         G           C
Drink Killian's, Killian's, KILLIAN'S RED

I was tendin' the bar when me eyes bugged right out
I admit I was makin' a face like a trout
'Twas McWhirter himself --- he ordered a stout
I pulled on the handle and what should come out!


Now, green in the hills puts a song in me heart
And a bit of green felt I can shoot full of darts
But green in a pilsener rises me gorge
So I'll just have a pint of that red beer by George!

Cho. as necessary...

Copyright © 1997 by Dennis D'Asaro