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The art of drawing with pencil has been a major part of my life for over 40 years. For me drawing in the style of realism brings great joy...The idea that i could recreate LIFE on paper as we see and know it with just a pencil was exciting to say the least. For many hours I'd be working on a drawing and it was so relaxing that I'd have a hard time putting my pencil down to take a brake.

For over 2 decades people from across the USA and all over the world commissioned me to draw loved ones, friends, animals, cars, etc. My artwork has been used in Advertisement, Books, Magazines, CD covers, T-shirts and other Merchandise. My work has been featured on many internet sites, Ovation TV, The Japan show "Unbelievable", local art gallery and donated for fundraisers. Many of my non-commission work has been sold along with many prints. I do however still license out artwork and sell high resolution files of my work.

In 2010 I began teaching drawing lessons online. The lessons are very unique and have proven to help many advance to higher levels of graphite drawing. I've had the great pleasure to instruct over 300 students from all over the world. Visit the "Online Drawing Lessons" page to view my students before and after work and to find out more about the lessons.

As of 2017 I am not taking any new commissions. I am however still teaching online drawing lessons.


I was interviewed for a feature in the MDM Wonderlance Magazine. Visit here: February * Artistry * LINDA HUBER scroll down and click on my name. While at the site you may want to read many of the other interviews and articles this magazine offers. They cover Art, Dance, Music, TV, Film, Literature and more.

Slowride Art Show 10-27-10
*update* I came in 1st place for this art show!!

This is a 5 month long traveling art show and it's my very first! The show is run by The Middleburgh Artisan's Gallery. The opening is tonight, October 27, 2010 At The Abbot's Table in Schoharie, NY 7:00 PM.

The artists work will be on display at different places throughout my county where visitors will be able to vote for their favorites. The winning artist(s) will have the opportunity to have an exhibit at the Arkell Art Museum in Canajoharie, NY. Here is the link to the details and locations of where the show will travel to: The Slowride art show

I had so much fun at the opening, met many of the other artist and enjoyed everyone's company! My drawings are displayed on a brick wall with perfect lighting and beautiful aged wood columns on both sides. I was speechless when I first saw them, I even had tears in my eyes! Now I know what it feels like to be part of an art show and do plan to enter more over time! Here is a snap shot I took of my drawings:

A question that has been asked of me many times:
How do you get your drawings to look so realistic?

I draw not only what I see but what I know! For example, from years of doing portrait work I know the anatomy of a face, I also know for realism you should never skip over any individual details. Details such as that perfect balance of light and shadow to define the shape of ones face, unique flickers of light in each eye, hair texture, (including eyelashes and eyebrows) and even pores in the skin. Often times when drawing extreme details I will not look at the whole and will turn the reference and drawing upside-down and work on a tiny section. This technique forces me to focus more intently on those details. It's so relaxing and so natural for me to draw in such a blind state.

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Emily Stevenson. To find out more about my art and my life please have a look.
Interview with Linda Huber

A thank you
Besides my own photos, I have used reference photos belonging to many photographes over the years, at this time I'd like to say a big thank you to all of them! ~Linda

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