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Basically what I'm offering you is my time and a few decades of experience. Whatever you need work on this is what we will tackle. You will use the same drawing supplies and techniques that I use and you will work only from HQ reference photos. You'll draw for a week, send me an update and I will give you detailed feedback and help. I am never negative because I don't see that helping anyone, I am however very honest and feel with my help you will improve! I have been critiquing drawings and giving technical advice online for many years now. I know what I offer will be beneficial to anyone looking to achieve more realistic looking drawings!

My lessons will teach you techniques from basic to advance. This includes working on Outlines, Tonal values, Layering tones, Blending, and Fine detailing. Drawing skills are learned so once your eye, mind and hand work together and techniques become a permanent memory you will advance. My main goal will be to increase your observation skills! When all lines, tonal shapes and details are seen and then drawn correctly your drawings will naturally become much more realistic. I will be your second set of eyes on all of your work from beginning to end so help will always be just an email away!

HQ reference photos are included, grids, and detailed instructions on how to grid and outline each drawing. Pencils and techniques will be suggested for each step of the drawing. Once a week I will check your update (inch by inch), give you feedback and create helpful side by side (sbs) images. If needed you will make corrections and then continue working week to week on your drawing with my help.

You may sign up for one month or more. For the first month the price is a little higher due to new students needing extra help. The price will then go down each month thereafter. The lessons are week to week for a month at a time. Availability may be limited so contact me today. Before you start your lessons You will also need to purchased a few specific drawing supplies such as graphite pencils H, B and 3b and good drawing paper (Drawing supplies link is above). These supplies are what I have been using for many years! I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders and Western Union.

When you email me to enquire more about the lessons please send one drawing and it's reference photo so that I can evaluate your skill level and give feedback. Visit the "Students work" page above to view samples of the help I give, and my students 'before and after' drawings. To view my students feedback a link is above and at the end of this page. I have had the great pleasure to work with students from all over the world.

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Feedback From My Students:
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"Linda is a kind and patient teacher that guided me from getting and using the basic tools properly. I have learned to slow down and take in the details of the drawing that let it look real, and reproduce that with pencil and paper. It is a fun experience and I would not have been able on my own to reach a higher level of skill without Lindas personalized instruction and years of experience. Thank you Linda. :)" Schalk R. Australia

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