Pencil Artist Linda Huber

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I am still teaching drawing lessons. If you would like to advance to a much higher level of drawing, please visit the "Online Drawing Lessons" page for further information.

At this time I am taking a brake from drawing and will not be accepting any new commissions. I am still taking on new students for drawing lessons.

- 7/2/2014
With my lessons not only will you learn everything I know, I work with you on each drawing from the very beginning to the end! Over the years I have helped hundreds advance to much higher levels of drawing. visit the "Online Drawing Lessons" page for further details and then email me.

- I wrote up my site using HTML, CSS, Stylesheets and Javascripts. I have changed the menu code on all pages so that it works on the main browsers!

- In 2013 I was commissioned to draw a cover for the UNO Magazine. I placed the work in progress images and the finished drawing on "The Drawing Board" it was also placed in the artwork gallery.

In 2011 I won the regional traveling art show "Slowride"! More information is on the "About the Artist" page.