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"I've learned more about drawing techniques and improved my skills in one month than I've ever done in my whole life, with these lessons i always wanted to get better and work harder instead of getting frustrated because i had some flaws, worth every penny! Thank u so much for this month linda, i truly have learned so much and i believe im a better artist now than i was before! I'll surely come back for more lessons soon!" -denisse C. Spain

"Its been great learning from you and I am very pleased with your class and would recommend it to others! I wish you lots of success in your artistic endeavors!" -Sandra W. Vermont, USA

"When I first started with you, I told myself to give it six months. When six months rolled around, I told myself to give it a year. I knew I was not where I needed to be. However, I now feel that I am almost there. I have gained so much more then just drawing skills, techniques, etc. from you. You have given me confidence in my skill. I never knew I could draw the way I have since I started with you. You have a wonderful gift. I still remember finishing my first drawing with you and getting teary eyed! I really did. :). I can never thank you enough for all you have taught me." -Betsy H. USA

"I would like to thank you for all your comments and teaching as it has been amazing, I never would have thought I could produce the work I have. *update* I've been very busy with my drawing over the last few months, and had some great feedback from people, I've had prints of a landscape and have manage to sell 20 of those so far, I've also completed my first commission, and have since been asked by 5 people for more commissions! I couldn't have done it without your help. So much so I would like t sign up again for some more lessons, I feel I can improve further but I need your expertise to guide me in the right direction." -Simon K. United Kingdom

"I am learning a lot. Every time I look at my drawing, I can't believe that I drew it! It keeps getting better after each update you do for me. I am beginning to see more subtle things and to not think of drawing in terms of lines anymore but tones and shapes. That's good! I still wish I had been able to take art lessons from you instead of attending a university and paying thousands of dollars and still not learning about drawing or the tools!" Thanks for your patience! :) -Dawn S. Alaska

"I've been taking lessons for three months. I do appreciate the lessons and comments from you and I feel that I learned so much. I´d like to be back on the lessons in the future. Thank You." Jorge R. Spain

"I am so glad to have found Linda Huber! I nearly put off signing up for her class due to a busy schedule but thankfully I didn't wait. She gives very detailed instructions via email as well as detailed 'side by side' images to help you to see differences in the reference photo and your drawing, focusing what needs to be improved. I am grateful to have taken her class, and as it turned out, I realized that being busy can get in the way of my true passion." -Linda P. USA

"It's been over a year and the improvement, the advance of technology, the similarity with the reference picture is immense. I have great respect, admiration and gratitude to you. Is an honor to be your student. I want to thank you deeply for all the knowledge shared, for your patience and for making a distinct change in me. I hope that soon I can get in touch with you to continue my drawing classes." Andrés Z. Brazil

"Thank you so much! Everybody who sees my artwork now says they see a great improvement, all thanks to you." -Kristyn G. USA

"Thank you for excellent teaching and the support as well. I will definately continue working with this method that is far more effective than my original." Kevin H. Japan

"I will say I'm extremely grateful for everything; the instruction and encouragement has been invaluable. You've provided a foundation I can build on for a life-time. I promise to continue to draw." Gredd M. USA

"I detach myself from my old habits by woking small area and more calmly. Thank you very much for your talent, your education. You have transformed my way of drawing. I will continue to draw alone. I am very happy for having taught me to walk with pencils. I am very proud and happy to draw in pencil with you. I'll go ahead and correct with the side by side photos and my work on the computer screen. Thank you very much, congratulations to you. Are you an artist, it's wonderful what you do. If I have block I will take courses again It was a pleasure to know you through your site and courses. I wish you much success." Joëlle M. France

"I learned a lot in these four months, although I think I can improve and learn even more. It was a pleasure and an honor to be your disciple. I will be happy to continue with classes as you get the chance. You know my email if that happens. " Valentín H. Spain

"I did want to say thank you for helping me. I know they were paid lessons but so were the school art classes ect and with those I saw little improvement but as in the case of the little girl portrait I could not believe I drew that, it was 100x better than what I had drawn before! I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to not seem to improve no matter what I did. Your videos and references and feedback helped me alot and your drawings alone are a huge motivator. Though I still have ALOT of practice the improvement I see in what I do makes me enjoy drawing again and though they may not be perfect their getting better and really that is all I wanted. Thank you for helping me get past this wall! You probably hear this alot but you are a great artist and a huge inspiration for many others. :)" Jane I. USA

"I really enjoyed your lessons they were very helpful. I knew how to draw some but I learned a great deal from your feedback. I watched any video I could find of yours. There is a great deal of information on your Web site. I think it is because you have so much information available and You give your feedback right away that I learned so much. I think the best thing I learned was to draw slowly, finish small areas at a time, and look for details. thanks again. " Butch H. USA

"I sincerely appreciate the time with you :) I still can't believe I actually was able to work with someone of your calibur. I have my Adam portrait framed and hanging near my drawing table. It's the best thing I've drawn to date. When I look at it, it reminds me that I really am an artist. Thank you so much for taking me as a student. I sincerely appreciate it and hope you would consider me again in the future." Teresa S. USA

"No doubt since I started classes so far have had a substantial improvement in the way I draw. I thank each of your comments and criticisms that stimulate me demanding detail in my work." Andrés Z. Bolivia

"Firstly I have to say I think your a wonderful teacher, the amount of patients you showed during my lessons were amazing, you truly were my second pair of eyes. In this short period of 3 months you showed me where and how to bring out those extra details that made (THE DIFFERENCE) to the outcome of my work, you also made me feel very comfortable with you throughout the lesson period, (you are truly talented and knowledgeable). I also learned how to develop more techniques which are proving to be of great help, not to mention the tools you introduced me to, I will certainly recommend any graphite artist who wants to improve their work to contact you." Lorenzo T. South Africa

"Your technique, your guidance and your advice helped me to achieve a result before I dared to hope! How you make us work is because we draw on the week and at our own pace. That dear Linda, a real pleasure working with you and thank you." Béa A. France

"I'm so happy you decided to teach, I had spotted your website for a long time, marveling at your photo realistic drawings and was so pleased when I realized last December you were offering courses. I never thought I would be able to draw photo realistic drawings though that is what I always longed for and yet I did. Thank you so much Linda because I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goal without your help :-), your quick feedbacks, your numerous advices and your side by sides helped me tremendously and were really much appreciated ;-)" Nathalie G. Luxembourg

"I found your lessons very helpful as you have such attention to detail and were able to use arrows to point exactly where I was going wrong also your advice on working on small areas at a time made a big difference." Brendan L. Ireland

"Linda is a kind and patient teacher that guided me from getting and using the basic tools properly. I have learned to slow down and take in the details of the drawing that let it look real, and reproduce that with pencil and paper. It is a fun experience and I would not have been able on my own to reach a higher level of skill without Lindas personalized instruction and years of experience. Thank you Linda. :)" Schalk R. Australia

"I have learned so much with Linda's instruction. No matter when I wrote to her, she wrote me back. I felt like I was really important to her. She explained things really well and her detailed corrections were easy to understand. She was always upbeat with her constructive criticisms and I hope to take more lessons from her in the future. I want to draw like her!!! :-))) " Jennifer P. USA

"When I saw “Linda Huber” website, I knew right away that was exactly the finest details that I would love to learn. Now I am taking classes with “Linda Huber”. I’m learning a lot with her. She have a lots of patient and she is a great teacher. I appreciate so much to taking classes with her." Manon M. Canada/USA

"Lessons are very important to me, they help me to learn secrets. I always was looking for better drawing skills, thanks to your detailed descriptions and precious tips..." Eric S. Greece

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