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Rabble Rouser is looking for commentary, critiques, diatribes and dissertations from the dissident denizens of Schoharie County and its environs ... read more

Thomas Paine Project

From Iowa to New Hampshire: "In simple terms the candidates with the most money get the most coverage, perhaps the top 3 or 4 candidates from each of the two indistinguishable major political parties. The rest get marginalized or ignored ..."read more


AVERT YOUR EYES (reviews of free video games)

... a look at another free to play MMO called Dream Of Mirror Online, or DOMO for short... read more

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There are good cops; and there are bad cops. The one thing they both have in common is they are not in the business of safe-guarding your civil liberties. In fact, they are trained to circumvent your civil liberties, so beware, be wily, and checkout Busted, a Free Video guide to Surviving Police Encounters.

Defend Your Rights

Tens of thousands of innocent Americans are stopped each month at police checkpoints that treat every driver as a criminal. These checkpoints, supposedly started to target drunk drivers, have expanded to give police more intrusive power over citizens in many areas. Read more about Check Point Tyranny.

A citizen accused of drunk driving faces "trial by machine." Prosecutors continue to assure jurors that breathalyzers are highly accurate scientific instruments -- and that isn't true, according to internal documents from the State of Virginia's Department of Forensic Science. Read The Myth of Breath Tests and decide for yourself.

Fight! that speeding ticket

Got a "lead foot?" Consult the Speed Trap Exchange


Drugged Driving: True Threat Or False Panic? A 2007 case-control study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health reviewed 10-years of US auto-fatality data. Investigators found that US drivers with blood alcohol levels of 0.05% – a level well below the legal limit for intoxication – were three times as likely to have engaged in unsafe driving activities prior to a fatal crash as compared to individuals who tested positive for marijuana read more

Marijuana War News


Alcohol: Problems and Solutions The truth about underage drinking, alcohol related accidents and more

Erowid reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals

Marijuana and Medicine Assessing the Science Base

Medical Cannibis Resource Center

NORML'S Guide to State Marijuana Laws

The Truth about Marijuana and Emergency Room visits